NEON-dX Omni-channel CVM Automation

Packages analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation into one out-of-the-box’, easy to use integrated marketing cloud platform that integrates seamlessly with the CRM environment of the client. It is designed to learn, predict, recommend and act in real-time, allowing enterprises’ marketing teams to easily and efficiently plan and execute upsell, cross-sell and retention campaigns to generate measurable revenue uplift.


A trusted, explainable AI to drive marketing on its own or serve as a trusted companion to guide marketing decisions and actions. AI to triangulate customers, campaigns and objectives and guide marketers to ensure better marketing outcomes. Leverage one-of-its-kind AI companion, Robo-X to automatically identify new campaign opportunities, continuously rate performance of campaigns and recommend steps to optimize the performance of even live campaigns.

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Maximize up-sell, cross-sell and customer retention using adaptive next best actions and offers determined through Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning. Make use of machine-learned Next Best Offer (NBO) recommendation engine Offer-X and enable intelligent decision-making at scale to uplift product uptake and revenue.


Discover micro-segments with heuristic rules as well as enable automatic segment discovery with analytical models. Visualize segment behavior with ease using built in analysis templates. Make use of packaged analytical models, dashboards and exploratory analysis templates purpose-built for marketers to accelerate data to insights and actions for CVM. Leverage Customer Insight Workbench tool powered by AutoML libraries to create custom models efficiently.

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Seamless integration using built-in connectors to CRMs, DMPs and enterprise data lakes to access structured and unstructured data, in offline and streaming mode. Perform Data ETL with ease using UI , and compute KPIs to continuously enrich profile of customers reflecting demographic, usage and location based attributes. Also identify and unify customer identity across disparate systems and service lines to have a holistic customer view.


Execute an infinite variety of outbound and inbound marketing campaigns (upsell, cross-sell, retention and loyalty), across customer journeys and channels with minimal effort using reusable campaign templates. Leverage unified marketing canvas feature to fully automate campaign planning, design, execution, and optimization end-to-end with ease. Schedule and prioritize campaigns using a calendar interface, simple to configure and update. Run multivariate testing to select right creatives and offers for different campaigns and segments.

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Execute marketing actions through a variety of traditional and digital channels with ease. Make use of standard connectors available in Digital Plus, an add-on subscription service to support a variety of instant messaging, conversational and social media channels as well as web, mobile app, email and interactive voice assistants. Leverage canvas to define marketing actions across contexts in cross-channel customer journeys to maximize value.

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Allows to extend CVM campaigns through enterprises’ own digital channels and paid media channels with ease using Digital Plus, an add-on subscription service on cloud. Leverage the in-built connectors to integrate with ad-exchange platforms like Facebook and Google to execute ad campaigns along with dashboards to track marketing spend over different paid media channels. Integrate with third party applications like Google Tag Manager, Email platforms like Mailchimp and DMPs to track customer’s interactions and responses on digital channels to personalize engagement.

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Transform Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to non-PII with built in encryption mechanisms and privacy preserving analytics techniques . Enable the sharing of aggregated customer insights derived from variety of customer data with brands and digital advertisers in a safe and secure manner to support variety of monetization use cases.


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