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AI for Marketing

Augment your marketing workflows with powerful insights drawn with precision to maximize sales and retention opportunities.

Spot Customer’s Churn Signals Accurately

Leverage our Retention Accelerator to predict churn propensity against each customer with high accuracy. It can also suggest possible causes for churn and recommendations on the next best offers/ actions to mitigate churn and drive win-back.

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Request for Demo

Create Hyper Personalized Experiences with Ease for Driving Upsell/Cross-sell

Leverage our Sales Accelerator to get actionable customer insights like product affinity, channel affinity and spend propensity. Make use of these insights to do precise segmentation and construct 1-1 personalization strategy. AI can also recommend next best offers at scale to improve upsell/cross-sell rates across the customer touchpoints.

Improve Marketing Outcomes with AI-Guided Optimization

Leverage the Sales Accelerator and Retention Accelerator to automatically assign star ratings to marketing campaigns based on their performance against the set goals for marketers to review. They can scan all live campaigns & offers intended for upsell/cross-sell and retention at scale to spot opportunities to improve performance and alert marketers. It can also identify optimization opportunities and can suggest new segments and campaign/offer constructs.


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