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AI for Digital

Equip digital teams with predicted user persona and journey insights for creating intuitive digital experiences to increase the active user base, channel and service adoption as well as user lifetime value.

Increase the Active User Base and Prevent Silent Churn

Leverage Digital Activation that can analyze onboarding data to identify the cohorts of users and non users and understand their app usage behavior patterns. It can help predict user journeys as well as track gaps in milestones to determine right interventions to sustain user engagement. Make use of Retention Accelerator to spot inactivity or silent churn signals and trigger actions to reactivate users or stop them from uninstalling the app.

Keep Nurturing the Users and Gauge their Intent and Interest

With Digital Activation, understand user persona from their journeys and look-alike cohort analysis. Gain actionable insights from journey analytics to create smart alerts and nudges, driving users to explore more about your app features, and available services so as to improve engagement.

Contextualise Interactions and Drive Digital

Use Sales Accelerator that can continuously analyze the user's subscription behavior, predict his needs and extend right products and offers over different touch points. Contextually relevant offers and interactions improve user experience and lead to higher sales conversions and average monthly revenue per user.


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