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AI for CX

Are you looking to augment your existing CX and CVM workflows with AI/analytics capabilities and drive customer lifetime value and product profitability?

Plug in Flytxt's market-proven AI solutions on cloud to your CX/Customer Engagement systems and gain actionable intelligence easier via APIs. With these solutions, take accurate decisions on the go at scale to achieve desired business outcomes across CX workflows.

AI for Digital

Use Digital Activation to equip digital teams with predicted user persona and journey insights to simulate repeated app usage and nurture user engagement for improving digital channel and service adoption. Make use of Sales Accelerator and Retention Accelerator to predict silent churn and inactivity patterns as well as to drive higher digital sales.

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AI for CX Governance

Use CX Value Assurance to empower the CX team with CX value assessment framework and computation models which can automatically evaluate and assess outcomes of your CX program at various levels. It is also used to calculate CX maturity scores at various levels and to discover critical improvement areas along with the next best actions.

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AI for Care

Leverage Proactive Service Accelerator to empower human agents and self-care channels with powerful insights to create exceptional customer experiences for maximizing customer lifetime value. Use Sales Accelerator and Retention Accelerator to get customer insights such as churn risk, next best offers, sentiment scores, etc. on agent screen or self-care touch points to improve sales conversions and customer response time.

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AI for Marketing

Use Sales Accelerator to discover the best possible combination of segments, offers and channels for each sales context to maximize conversions and revenue uplift. Leverage Retention Accelerator to accurately predict churn, do a deep dive causal analysis and recommend next best actions to prevent churn and win-back customers.

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