AI for CX Governance

Automatically evaluate and assess outcomes of your CX program at various levels to design effective interventions for improving ROI on CX.

Streamline and automate the measurement
of CX outcomes with ease

Leverage AI-driven framework to accurately compute CX outcomes at a holistic enterprise-level as well as at granular levels like service-level or customer-level. Serve these scores for CX Governance teams as well as for various execution teams to assess the maturity and effectiveness of CX initiatives to drive desired business outcomes.

Quickly design interventions to optimize CX outcomes

With CX Value measurement, gauge gaps in expectation and experience across various CX touch points and workflows. Gain actionable insights and recommendations to design remedial actions and interventions to improve outcomes.

Key Capabilities

CX Value Assessment Framework

Leverage AI to identify the most important components that will help enterprises accurately assess the customer experiences and the value that users are attaching to the products and services.

CX Value Computational Models

Calculate CX maturity scores using functions of identified components with appropriate weightage at individual, service, tier, journey milestone and at the enterprise level.

Root Cause Analysis & Next Best Action

Leverage AI to get Next Best Action based on the maturity scores along with the
Root Cause Analysis on which component and KPI has caused the change in the experience.


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